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Local businesses launch health and wellbeing programme for schoolchildren

An exciting new health and wellbeing programme has launched at Denaby Main Primary Academy in Doncaster.

Local construction businesses Keepmoat Regeneration, part of the ENGIE Group, and Keepmoat Homes have teamed up with the Titans Community Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotherham Titans Rugby, to offer children at the school healthy eating advice and sports and fitness coaching.

At the launch event, staff from both organisations spoke to the children about the importance of eating healthily and regular exercise and gave out free fruit for them to enjoy.

The Titans Community Foundation also held rugby taster sessions to teach the youngsters how to work as part of a team while keeping active.

The programme will last a year and will include regular visits from the Titans Community Foundation, Keepmoat Regeneration and Keepmoat Homes to carry out exercise activities, construction-related workshops and reading sessions. The children will also get the chance to visit live construction sites and learn about job roles in the industry. 

Neil Baxter, New Business Director at Keepmoat Regeneration, said: “As a local business, it’s important for us to invest in the communities in which we work.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Titans Community Foundation and hope this programme will have a very positive impact on the schoolchildren.”

Matthew Lawrie, Community Engagement & Investment Coordinator at Keepmoat Homes, said: “We are really pleased to be working with our partners to support Denaby Main Primary Academy to offer this programme to children who are living in one of the most deprived areas of Doncaster. 

“We hope this initiative will also support the Well Doncaster campaign, which is focused on getting Denaby Main back on the map and reversing the negative perception that has crept in since the mine closure.”

Victoria Gorton, Principal at Denaby Main Primary Academy, said: “Here at Denaby Main our strategic plan was to build in more opportunities for outdoor learning options for the children, so we were thrilled when the Titans Community Foundation, Keepmoat Regeneration and Keepmoat Homes approached us to take part in this project.

“Not only will the children have access to top level athletes who are role models when it comes to perseverance, hard work, dedication and commitment, but we will also benefit from a strong partnership with Keepmoat Regeneration and Keepmoat Homes to give the children opportunities to learn about the construction industry.” 

John Lewis, Chief Executive at the Titans Community Foundation, said: “The Titans Community Foundation has been delivering ‘education through rugby’ since 2004. The players will engage with children, staff and parents and support the school’s values of ‘safe, respect, and ready’. 

“It is a privilege to work with Keepmoat Regeneration, Keepmoat Homes, Denaby Main Academy and the Astrea Trust in helping the school improve the fitness, attainment and well-being of everyone at Denaby Main.”