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The Keepmoat Regeneration Cookie Policy applies to any and all sessions and visits by any person(s) viewing the Keepmoat Regeneration website.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer (or mobile device) by web pages as you visit them. Cookies are not programs and cannot harm your computer.

Cookies allow us to store information on your visit which can help us to improve your experience of the website. Keepmoat Regeneration do not store personally identifiable information in cookies that Keepmoat Regeneration create.

Cookies can also help us to identify and resolve errors, or to determine relevant related information to show you when you're browsing.

Cookies can help enhance your experience of our website, by letting you navigate between pages efficiently and showing you details that are related to your browsing history.

By using this website you agree to us using cookies, however, Keepmoat Regeneration recognises that you may want to choose whether to receive them on your computer.

Therefore, if you do not want cookies to be used please use your browser to delete or control cookies.

For more information on how to control your cookie settings and browser settings, or how to delete cookies, please visit